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When you work with Define Potential, you will have access to leadership, development and coaching experts, with an ethos that values hard work and humility. Our team of consultants has post-graduate qualifications and accreditations. We draw on internationally-recognised coaching and mentoring techniques, tools, and frameworks.

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Define Potential delivers capability development for the Australian Public Sector in the areas of leadership, management, talent, and coaching.

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A moment to reflect, and move forward

A moment to reflect, and move forward

People tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves at this time of year to get things done – finish that report, wind up the project, clean the windows, buy all the gifts, attend all the Christmas parties and prepare for the perfect holiday season. It is worth assessing every item on all our lists – both mental and actual, and ask ourselves “does this all need to be done?”

Refresh, Re-energise and Renew

Refresh, Re-energise and Renew

With the chaos of 2021 behind us, I think everyone is looking forward to the holiday break. Time with family, friends, and some much-needed relaxation. The past two years have been tough on many people. The surprising part is that some leaders have thrived through this period while others have really struggled.

Communicating in the digital era

Communicating in the digital era

While we either have or are contemplating a return to our offices, digital communication, whether that be email, messaging, Zoom or MS Teams is here to stay. Being effective in how we use these different communication tools will be critical to high performance and team management.